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TEEN TOP - Missing (쉽지않아) TEASER 1

jiyong is 100% done with seungri.


Happy 8th anniversary Bigbang! VIPS will always love you and support you!

happy 8th anniversary bigbang~



VIPs singing to Haru Haru during Alive Tour 

malaysia —> thailand —> taiwan —> indonesia —> peru —> china —> singapore —> philippines  —> england —> usa —>japan —> korea

“You guys know this song, right?”


we will always be here for you. until whenever.
060819 - now.


It’s BIGBANG’s 8th year anniversary today wow…it’s been 8 years since these idiots were dubbed as ‘ugly’ and ‘untalented’ and look at how far they’ve come now. Happy 8th Birthday to our always humble BIGBANG. It may take you years to release an album but they’re all really worth the wait for. You’ve been an inspiration since the beginning and you’ve made me very proud to call myself a VIP. I’ll always be here by your side and I hope to stay with you until whenever. Here’s to more years to come~